Difference Between Animal Growth and Plant Growth

What is growth?

Growth is the most fundamental and conspicuous characteristic feature of all living organisms, but can not be taken as defining property because non-living things also grow.

Growth can be defined as an irreversible permanent increase in the size of an organ, part, and even a cell.

Growth is a product of metabolism (that is anabolism and catabolism). Therefore occurs at the expense of energy or ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate).

S.No.Plant GrowthAnimal Growth
1.Plant growth is generally indeterminant or unlimitedAnimal growth is determinant or limited
2.Plant growth is localizedAnimal growth is diffused
3.The plant grows in two different waysAnimal growth is only primary
Table of differences between plant and animal growth

Important points to know:

Plant Growth is localized because they specific locations for their growth activity. Mainly they have three locations of growth that is-

  1. Apical
  2. Intercalary
  3. Lateral
  • Accept zygote to embryo development the growth is of diffused types.

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